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BBOY for LIFE – documentary trailer

Once again, this is why I love b-boying. Very excited to see this one!

I’ve talked before about the power of B-Boying and Hip-Hop Culture in general… this video exemplifies that.

As I have said, no other ‘culture’/’sub-culture’ (whatever you want to call it) seems to connect with diverse urban youth all over the world quite like Hip-Hop. It makes for a powerful medium for positive change.

Anyway, I’ll save the rant. Just check out their kickstarter page and support!

While you’re at it, check out a few more good trailers of B-Boy documentaries.

Bouncing Cats – New documentary about how hip-hop has a powerful impact in Africa. Check out the trailer.

Shake the Dust / The Making Of – Trailer for a documentary on the power of bboying / hip-hop all over the world. Must watch.

And a company I co-founded in Halifax, Canada: Concrete Roots wins gold for best new business of the year from Halifax Chambre of Commerce for its work with promoting dance to youth.

Another similar project happening in Canada: Bhudda’s TED talk on social work through hip-hop.

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    3 Responses to BBOY for LIFE – documentary trailer

    1. Rajam Roose says:

      Thanks for sharing, Tony. The circumstances in the documentary represent social problems going on in most places around the world. Guatemala is especially violent and I know many people who have fled that country from the violence there. The power of these documentaries is that they support and raise the conscious awareness that people in general do not want to live in violence, we all want peace for ourselves and our families. Thanks again!

    2. NIKHIL says:


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