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Book Review: The Running Injury Recovery Program by Bruce Wilk

For those of you who run – and suffer from running injuries (which I presume is most of you) – this book may be of interest to you.

Bruce Wilk has written one of the most comprehensive guides to injury recovery I’ve ever seen outside of a textbook. In many ways, it’s better than a textbook, as it provides practical actionable advice to a broad audience. While remaining written in a way that a lay-reader (the intended audience) can understand, the material is also great for professionals: it’s evidence based with plenty of primary references – no quick-fix quackery here.

Going beyond simply explaining injuries, their prevention and management, are practical guidelines and images (which I particularly enjoyed) of self-treatment techniques and exercises. This adds tremendous value to the reader, and is likely exactly what people are looking for. A fair treatment of many trends in running – barefoot, for example – is also given. After reading this, one will be able to make informed decisions regarding their recovery.

One downside is that the book is fairly long, but much of this includes images and appendixes that help tremendously with carrying out the program. The length may be a deterrent to many people who are looking for quick fixes – but let that be a lesson to everyone: there are no shortcuts. This book is long and thorough because it has to be. Your injury isn’t going to recover in one day, so you might as well sit down and read.

I don’t like to give good reviews very often… actually, I only review books I recommend. Reviewing a bad book has the risk of encouraging its consumption, much like repeating myths reinforces peoples beliefs in them. But I mean it when I say I am impressed with this book.

Overall, this is a great reference for casual runners, elite athletes, and healthcare professionals alike. No doubt that this book will help many people overcome their injuries.

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    4 Responses to Book Review: The Running Injury Recovery Program by Bruce Wilk

    1. Bruce Wilk says:

      Thank you. I could cry reading this review. This book took 3 1/2 years to write as a self published author. This makes it worth it.

    2. This looks like a great resource. Thanks Tony! I know those that I coach would be interested in this information.

    3. Tim says:

      This sounds like a great resource for those that are having a difficult time getting back out running after suffering an injury. There isn’t enough good info out there in regards to rehabilitating properly and taking the right amount of time to heal before lacing up again. I’ve known too many people who re-injure due to improper or shortened healing and recovery process.

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