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Born to Dance – Part 1

I was going to write a long-winded, science and research based case for why we are meant to dance. Well, I still plan on writing it. But I’m going to start this series of articles with some observational evidence:

I’d to like to point out that unlike this popular video, the video posted here shows a lot more variety from the animals… and some moves that are very hard for us humans. At 1:03, it looks like he is doing babymills: a bboy move I just learned a few months ago, after years of practice!

Obviously there are things they can do simply because they are shaped differently: they have different anthropometrics huh?, weight distributions etc. Some of the same things that make girls and guys better at different things. I’ll talk more about that some time.

But what I really love is that these animals are EXPERIMENTING with their movement.

Why would we (living things) want to do this?

More later. I’m gonna go dance now.



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