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‘Breaking Basics’ Dance Workshop

Breaking Basics jpg

Breaking Basics

the fundamentals of breakdancing

Breaking, or B-Boying / B-Girling (also known as break-dancing) began in the 70’s as the first Hip-Hop dance. Today it’s as big as ever, with a rich history that has shaped street dancing throughout the world.

This workshop focuses on the basic elements of the dance: top-rock, get-downs, footwork, freezes and power, as well as important concepts such as musicality, originality, and style – concepts that compliment any dance style!

Learning the fundamentals of breaking can help develop a foundation of dynamic movement and an appreciation of the original history of Hip-Hop dance, as well as the music and culture that started it all.

What You’ll Learn

• Fundamental dance steps
• Footwork styles
• Basic freezes
• Dynamic movements
• Spins and ‘Power-moves’
• Transitions
• Musicality
• Freestyle exercises
• Creativity drills
• ‘Battle’ tactics
• Historical context
• Training principles
• Injury prevention
• and more!


“It was an absolute pleasure having Tony Ingram teach for us at Mount Pearl School of Dance. He is very knowledgeable, a very dedicated and patient teacher, and one of the most talented Bboys in NL. His students admire and respect him a great deal.”
– Erika Wilansky
Owner/Instructor, Mount Pearl School of Dance

“Tony’s workshop is great for kids and adults of all ages. He is an amazing teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. I would recommend his workshops to all dancers of any style!”
– Kim Walsh
Instructor, Ashley Feltham Dance Studio

“I not only recommend Tony as a speaker at your event/conference, but I commit to bringing him back to work with our dancers on a regular basis.”
Matthew Power
Dance Event Promoter ‘Hustle To Get Here’, Dance Company Manager, ‘East Rock Crew’

Instructor Bio:

Tony Ingram is a dancer and physical therapist. He has performed and competed nationally at events such as the Canada Dance Festival and the Festival of New Dance. He has trained with many notable dancers and pioneers of breaking including Poe 1, Crazy Smooth, Kujo, Dyzee, and Casper.

He has years of teaching experience, having taught at numerous dance studios, schools, and events across Canada. Tony has founded two leading dance companies, and won ‘Best New Business of the Year’ for his work with youth providing dance programming in junior and high schools with Concrete Roots Productions.

Combining his interests in dance and science, Tony has taught dance programs for youth with mental illnesses and children with disabilities. He writes about science, exercise, injuries, and dancing on his website www.bboyscience.com.

For booking information, email Tony using the contact page.

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