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Category Archives: Dance

Improve Movement by Training Movement – Not Specific Muscles

runningA pervading idea in the fitness and therapy industries is that altered or “dysfunctional” movement is simply the product of specific muscle weakness (or imbalance). The solution, of course, is to find the weak muscle and strengthen it. The result: correct movement, and therefore decreased risk of injury and chronic pain.

Is this true? Can strengthening specific muscles improve movement form or technique?

As usual, things are a bit more complicated than that. Let’s gather insight from a few research studies, using one of the most common examples: gluteus medius strengthening for running mechanics.Continue Reading

How Dance Illuminates the Mind – The Brain Areas of Dance

Myself - enjoying that tribal, visceral, joyous experience of dancing with friends.

Myself – enjoying that tribal, visceral, joyous experience of dancing with friends.

Today marks the beginning of National Dance Week here in Canada, so I thought it would be fun to write about the neuroscience of dance!

Dancing beautifully integrates complex movement and motor learning, rhythmic musical synchronization, creative emotional expression, and interpersonal communication.

Because of this complexity, studying the neural basis of dance is a challenge – but one with important implications.

Uncovering the neural mechanisms of dance can offer insight into the most complex workings of the human brain, revealing applications to rehabilitation and therapy. It’s even suggested by some to be part of the “next wave” in neuroscience, studying complex behaviour like art rather than simpler phenomenon.

So how do we study the neuroscience of dance?

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Dancing Makes You Smarter? How Dancing may Prevent Dementia

don't make any assumptions - this man is actually less demented because of this!

Don’t make any assumptions – this man is actually less demented than you even realize!

Making the rounds throughout social media is a popular statistic claiming that dancing makes you smarter. Specifically, it cites a study that found that elderly people who dance frequently had a substantially lower risk of developing dementia.

At first glance, I happened to agree – duh! of course dancing makes you smarter! I may be a little biased though… so I’ve looked into the study further.

As usual, some of the statistics in these social media memes are wrong – but it turns out the actual study is positive and has some interesting information!Continue Reading

Red Bull “Artist to Athlete” – My Thoughts

Red Bull just released a video on their YouTube channel titled “Artist to Athlete”, depicting the Red Bull BC One All-Stars being “trained like athletes”. The all-stars are some of the best bboys in the entire world – if you don’t already consider them athletes, then I’m not sure I agree with your definition. Anyway, here’s the video – it’s pretty cool and below are some of my thoughts (and criticisms of course!):

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B-Boy Q&A: Headspin Bald Spots!

Myself, with headspin bald spot in full effect! Photo by Bold Creative

I’ve received another great question from a B-Boy:

Is there a way to avoid that awkward bald spot from head spins? Do beanies help or hinder?

- JP

Good question! This is something I’ve wanted to learn more about myself.

As can be seen in the photo – I’m like the Hair Club president – “I’m also a client”.
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