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Category Archives: Nutrition and Lifestyle

Nutrition and Supplement Questions? Just Examine.com It

Nutrition and Supplement Questions? Don't ask me, ask them.

Nutrition and Supplement Questions? Don’t ask me, ask them.

I’m often asked about nutrition and sports supplements. It could be someone interested in the health benefits of a particular food, or a young dancer trying to find something to give them a competitive edge.

They’re always reasonable questions and I’m very interested in this topic myself, but I’d rather not write much about it. Nutrition is not my area of expertise, I’m skeptical of trendy diets and health gurus, and I keep my recommendations pretty simple. I just think a lot of it is nonsense.

Lucky for me, I don’t have to write about it. Instead, there’s another website that I’m not afraid to endorse on the topic (and I’m not alone). No, it’s not some next level guru – some trendy fool with clever catch-phrases, overly-simplistic answers, and questionable promises. In fact, it’s the lack thereof that’s earned my trust.Continue Reading

Nutrition Skepticism – Worry less and be healthy


Fact: strawberries are powerful myth producing agents because they’re pretty and taste really good.

Q: Why don’t I write much about nutrition?

A: I barely believe anything I read about it.

After spending the last decade with my head in the ‘health and fitness’ industry, I’ve developed a healthy skepticism – literally. It’s probably because I’ve seen so many fads come and go, myths busted, and contradictory research. Now, I take most of what I read with a grain of salt – and I’m probably healthier because of it.

Here’s why:Continue Reading

Book Review: ‘Bad Science’ by Ben Goldacre

read this - stop believing stupid news stories

“Thousands of books are enjoyable; many are enlightening; only a very few will ever rate as necessary to social health. This is one of them.”
Boyd Tonkin, The Independent

That’s right. Necessary to social health. Not an exaggeration.

Plus, it’s hilarious.

The book is: Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks, the author is Dr. Ben Goldacre. Check out his blog at www.badscience.net.

I wish I could just re-write this book in it’s entirety for everyone who visits this site. Then you would understand why I don’t talk about every single trend in health/fitness/therapy on this site.

But that would be plagiarism.

I will, however, explain why this book is not only a great, entertaining read, but also one that is necessary. Necessary? That’s bold. Well, yes. It should be considered required reading before you even touch a diet or lifestyle book written by some health guru, no matter how nice and smart (or ‘natural’ and ‘holistic’) they seem.

Health care professionals should also read it, and I’ll explain why.

Of course, this is a book review, so I will have to criticize it a little to be fair.
So don’t worry, I will say something mean about it near the end.

Continue Reading

Practice 102 – What’s the best way to practice?

how do you become incredible at something?

In Practice 101 we discussed what practice is, how it works, and how it may even provide health benefits (especially as you age).

Surely everyone wants to be good at something. There are endless reasons why. Why not?

Now, the question everyone has:

How do people become absolutely amazing at things?

Athletes like Tiger Woods are obvious examples. But what about the CEO of a huge business, like Steve Jobs of Apple?

And more importantly, how can we get better at what we do?

Research has determined that there’s a specific kind of practice that really creates a world class expert. And, as we will discuss, it’s more important than that magical thing people call ‘talent’.

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Practice 101 – Improve your brain while becoming awesome

learn something new.

Today, we’re talking about practice…

What is it? How does it work?
Why should you?
What’s the best way?

It’s not just for athletes.

It’s how you get good at something. It’s how you advance your career. It’s how you learn more. It may even be how you get better at dealing with others. Or yourself.

It also happens to be a way to keep your brain healthy. You can’t just go for a jog and come home and watch TV. Exercise may help your brain, but your brain needs it’s own exercise too.

In part 101 of this discussion, we will talk about what practice is, how it works, and why it’s good for your brain.

In 102, we will discuss the best way to practice.

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