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The contact form below can be used to enquire about booking. I give talks and workshops on injury prevention and management for dancers, exercise science, pain management, and science in general. I also teach beginner dance (b-boy/b-girl a.k.a. ‘breaking’) workshops.


People often have great questions, and it forces me to do some research. Many times the answer ends up becoming an entirely new article. For this reason I am more than happy to take any questions, comments, or concerns. Keep in mind that I’m pretty busy (this blog isn’t my full time job) and I may not get back to you — but I try my best to read all email.

If you have any urgent questions, try leaving a comment on a blog post, or the Facebook Page, where it may be answered by myself and/or others. An amazing community of health and fitness professionals, as well as experienced dancers and athletes continue to grow here. Plus, everyone is on Facebook… all the time. Admit it.

Get in touch!

Note: I currently do not offer any individual physical therapy consulting for injuries or pain over the internet. Occasionally I get long, detailed descriptions of a person’s chronic injury or pain. As much as I’d like to help, I simply can’t — it’s a legal mess (I’m currently only licensed to practice in the province of Canada in which I live), and I can’t perform a proper assessment without actually seeing you in person. Thanks for understanding, and good luck!