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Dance Injury Prevention Workshop

Dance Injury Prevention jpg

Dance Injury Prevention

Dancing is artistic expression through movement. Being unique athletes, dancers place uncommon demands upon their bodies. As a result, dancers are commonly interrupted by injuries, resulting in the disappointment of lost training and cancelled performances.

‘Preventing Dance Injuries’ is an interactive workshop designed to educate dancers on the fundamentals of injury prevention. Dancers are taught easy to apply principles and exercises through a combination of lecture and group participation.

Elements such as how to practice, exercise, warm up, and stretch safely and effectively will be reviewed. Information is based on the latest research from dance and sports science. With this knowledge, dancers will have the necessary information to enjoy a long, fulfilling dance career.


• The best methods of preventing injuries.
• How to reduce the chance of re-injury.
• How to avoid over-training.
• How to avoid falling for fitness fads.
• Principles of safe and effective exercise.
• The “truth” about stretching.
• How to spot risky movements, and how to correct them.
• How to warm up properly.


“… I feel that a lot of dancers could greatly benefit from Tony’s knowledge, and through this potentially increase the longevity of their dance careers.”
– Paul ‘KazE’ Thurton
International Choreographer/Owner ‘Simply Swagg Dance Studio’

“Tony has really presented many dancers with an invaluable gift: advice on how they can maintain their health and prolong their careers.”
Drew Moore
Executive Director ‘Concrete Roots Productions’

“I not only recommend Tony as a speaker at your event/conference, but I commit to bringing him back to work with our dancers on a regular basis.”
Matthew Power
Dance Event Promoter ‘Hustle To Get Here’, Dance Company Manager, ‘East Rock Crew’

Instructor Bio:

Tony Ingram is a dancer, physical therapist, and lover of science. His education includes a B.Sc. in Neuroscience and an M.Sc. in Physiotherapy, and he is currently completing an M.Sc. in Exercise Physiology (Kinesiology). His physical therapy experience includes sports injury rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, and chronic pain management.

As a dancer, Tony has performed and competed nationally at such events as the Canada Dance Festival and the Festival of New Dance. He has years of teaching experience, and has been fortunate enough to learn from many notable pioneers of street dance.

Combining his interests in dance and science, Tony has taught hospital dance programs for youth with mental illnesses and children with disabilities. He writes about science, exercise, injuries, and dancing on his website www.bboyscience.com.

For booking information, email Tony using the contact page.

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