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Dance, Science, and more!

Dance + Science = Awesome.

Welcome to the ‘dance’ section!

Here you’ll find various articles about dance, dance & science, and how dance (and all art) relates to community and culture.

For my fellow b-boys / b-girls – check out breaking specific articles below. What’s a b-boy? Read this.

Finally, at the bottom is some fun / random / ‘other’ stuff about dance (including videos of me)!

For more on science in general, check out the ‘Science & Research‘ section.


  • Dance & Science
  • Community & Culture
  • Articles for B-boys / B-girls
  • Other Dance Stuff

Dance & Science

Ramblings on dancing, science, the science of dance, and the dancing of science.

Dance & Science

Arts, Community & Culture

Dancing, music, and art connects us. Here are some articles on education, youth projects, and more about why you should care about art – even if you’re not an artist.

Inspiring dance videos / stories

WTF is SCIENCE anyway?!

WTF is SCIENCE anyway?!

Articles for B-Boys / B-Girls

Most of the information on this site is useful to anyone – including dancers. But sometimes, I’ll write ‘breaking’ specific articles – especially when I’m asked a good question.

Science of B-boying

B-boy injury rates and types

B-boy injury prevention

B-boy injury recovery

B-Boy Exercise & Training

That’s it for now, but remember: there is way more stuff on this site! Look around!

Other Dance Stuff

Here’s some fun stuff, filed under ‘other’. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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