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Exercise & Training

Here’s a list of articles about exercise science, training, practice, stretching, and more. The information here should be useful for anyone, whether you’re a casual exerciser or an elite athlete. Learn!


  • About Exercise
  • Important Concepts
  • Exercise Science
  • Stretching
  • Special Considerations

About Exercise: Staying fit and healthy isn’t so hard, and even a little can improve your health tremendously. Read on!

Important concepts about exercise, for a better understanding of what you should do, and why.

Exercise Science: For those of you who want more out of your exercise endeavors.

Practice: “Train your brain” – cliché which simply means learning. Includes specific movement skills, like dancing, martial arts, and sports. An extremely rewarding way to exercise.

Conditioning: Train your metabolism (sort of). Includes things like endurance training, sprints, drills, “cardio”, and anything that challenges your energy.

Strengthening: Train your muscles. Increase your strength, build and repair muscle, bones, and connective tissue. Includes resistance training (body weight or weights).

Stretching: Get more flexible.

Special Considerations: Exercising with special conditions.

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