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Why am I starting a blog?

This is the start of a website/blog discussing injury prevention and management for bboys/bgirls.  Also, I hope to bust some myths and educate on general health and fitness, providing primary sources and evidence where I can, so readers can make informed decisions on their heath and well being.

Briefly, who I am: a bboy, for roughly 6 years, from the province of Newfoundland (eastern Canada).  I am also a Registered Physiotherapist working full time in a general practice/ sports injury clinic.  I hold a B.Sc. Behavioural Neuroscience from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a M.Sc. Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University. I am intensely interested in movement, and how that relates to our physical, mental, social, and cultural well-being.

I Hope this project gets some attention, because eventually I want it to become a book or DVD, or both.  Also, hopefully a workshop I can do at events. That’s the long term plan.
I’m not really planning on making a lot of money (since bboys are typically broke) so my work on this will be slow and sporadic (I already have a full-time job), but I’ll try my best to answer common questions and concerns thrown at me.  Hopefully this is the first of a few projects combining my profession and dancing.

The point of all this is, I see a need in the community. If you are a bboy/bgirl you are likely dealing with a chronic injury yourself.  Most bboys I know have injuries haunting them, on and off.  I believe it is in part due to the fact that the dance is very young, and we learn from people who have no real training in health science, or even exercise and fitness, but rather we are learning from artists, or worse, the internet. There is no ‘National Association of Breakers’ or anything who can ‘certify’ someone to teach, ensuring they are teaching safely.

This is a problem not only because we hurt ourselves, but because it makes it difficult to start teaching and youth outreach programs. Facilities look for certification and insurance to be sure to cover themselves in letting us use space. Bboys cannot provide these things.

My hope is, that in starting this initiative, we can get somewhere with this in the long run, and make bboying safer, make careers last longer, and make breaking more accessible to new people.

So, time to join the rest of you trendy blogging people at Starbucks, sipping your ridiculously named beverages, rocking your thick rimmed glasses and scarves, and typing on something made by apple.


Tony Ingram

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    4 Responses to Why am I starting a blog?

    1. Justin says:

      hey man about all of your ideas about making bboying more safe etc i think it is all a really good idea accept for have an association that certifies people to teach. it just feels wrong to require certification maybe whoever is in the assosiation could work on getting what breakin actually is out to the public and helping bboys aware of what is safe. its just my opinion i dont mean any disrespect.

    2. Tony Ingram says:

      I agree! I was just stating that because we have no sort of association to back us, we often struggle with finding space. What I am trying to do should help, perhaps indirectly, but I am not suggesting making an association is the answer. Thanks for the first comment!

    3. SwaggaBee Linds says:

      “Awesome” Blog Idea Tony!
      As a “bgirl” or shall i say Wanna Bee.Bgirl ..I will most certainly follow your blog…I am one of those aforementioned bgirls; teaching myself, following good ole youtube and of course, injuring myself. in need of some professional advice!!!

      Keep it up and I am sure that this will be the most followed blog in the world of Bboys and girls…

      I just wish there was space that we could go to with a WHOLE lotta Mats….and i dont mean matt power!!! heehee


    4. Tony Ingram says:

      Word, finding a safe place to practice is very difficult… I’m working on it here in St. John’s. Gonna call up Cygnus Gymnastics.

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