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Interview with The Scope

I’ve recently been interviewed by The Scope, a magazine covering arts & entertainment within the city I currently call home: St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

They basically asked me how I got here – being a b-boy and a physical therapist, and creating this website: bboyscience.com

I couldn’t be happier with the article, and it features some fantastic photography (I made front cover baby wooooh!).

Check it out here:


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    4 Responses to Interview with The Scope

    1. Troy says:

      First, I am proud of this article and what you have accomplished by mixing two disciplines (physio and bboy) for the benefit of others. Second, why was I not mentioned in how you got started. I feel like Rocky in Rocky 5. Lastly, I have a few questions about the benefits of exercise wrt burning cals/fat. I’ll post those separately, Like does exercise boost metabolism?

      Anyway, I hope to explore this site more and hope to see more “worldly” use of it.

      • Tony Ingram says:

        Thank you brother! Happy to help you with any questions you have, and such comments will make the site better overall!

        And sorry, I forgot to mention the fact that I was probably subliminally influenced by you as a baby. I think I’ll make a separate post about this actually!

    2. Patrick says:

      Hey Man congrats! I just wanted to say that I come from Montreal, the BBoy community is not as known as in Korea or France, but I dance in a public area with other bboys and were 20+ at times. It’s cool that you mentioned Lazy Legs. I’m sure you’ve heard “No excuses, no limits!”. Something a lot of people ought to abide by.


      • Tony Ingram says:

        Thanks Patrick! It’s dope that you practice in a public area – we do too. It’s good for exposure I suppose, but I feel like new people are more nervous practicing there.

        During that point in the interview, I felt like I had to mention Ill-Abilities because they are such a great example of the creative movement of this dance, and as you mentioned, the attitude they personify through their motto. They are inspirational, and not just to the bboy community!

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