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More University Love, and Off-Season OVER!

So its really just a re-post from the Dalhousie article, but still, its cool to get recognition from so many places.  Wish I had this bboyscience site up before all this so I could have plugged it.


Also, started training again the other day.  B-Boy off-season is OVERRRR!!!  Felt so fat and slow, and the next day I was crazy sore.  But I feel good!  Gotta train hard too; looking forward to the next month:

Moving into my first house! :D  Gonna meet B-Boy Ivan!!!  And finally start teaching my workshops in injury prevention.  More on that later…

So excited to meet Ivan, one of greatest legends of the dance I love.  Definitely one of my all-time favorite B-Boys, and a huge huge inspiration.  I can’t wait to be present in what I presume to be unimaginable intensity and positive energy.


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    2 Responses to More University Love, and Off-Season OVER!

    1. Marcus Maddalena says:

      Definitely make a post in a couple of weeks as to how much you gained from it… I wonder if you’ll be able to break any training or strength plateaus! B-boy science at it’s best..

      • Tony Ingram says:

        Yes! It took like two weeks to get my speed back, and I still feel a little winded earlier than usual, but that’s getting better. Plus I am progressing on some stuff I was stuck on. I’ll write about it soon!

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