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Morris smoked me.

Once upon a time, Morris smoked me.

2009, at Hustle To Get Here 1:

Sometimes I forget I battled such a big name b-boy. It was fun though. I wasn’t even nervous because I knew I’d lose. Still, I tried to win (even if I barely had a chance). Puzzles was judging, and said that to him, I actually won one round (my last one)… Psshhh yeah right. :D but thanks Puzzles!

I want to battle more and more. It’s fun, rewarding, and I really want to represent this part of Canada in some bigger competitions. It’s hard to practice though, working full time and going to school part time. I still get in a few practices a week, but its hard to really push myself. {Insert you making fun of me for being a crybaby here.}

So does this mean this battle vs. Morris was my peak?


Still getting new things, and just last week I finally got babymills. I’m definitely not done getting better. I’m going to keep pushing myself.

That’s one of the things I love about this dance. Sure, I just love to dance, and want to keep doing it till I can’t move anymore.

But the thrill of getting new moves and pushing yourself to get better is totally worth the pain of falling on my ass, bumps and bruises, and getting smoked in battles.

That’s why I understand why people do ridiculous things and hurt themselves. I feel ya.

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    3 Responses to Morris smoked me.

    1. Tony Ingram says:

      Oh and I probably shouldn’t have worn those stupid pants.

    2. Yu says:

      wasn’t THAT smoked!

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