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My Moves – Some 2011 Footage

I had a bit of a dull year as a dancer last year. I can come up with some excuses:
full time career, bought my first house, part-time masters degree, and THIS SITE.

But I know the truth:

I just need to stop being a little ***** and man the **** up!

So without further delay and self loathing, here are some of my 2011 clips. I know, it’s mostly just moves, not a lot of actual dancing. That’s why the post is called ‘my moves’.

I plan on stepping up my game significantly in 2012. Mark my words!

Update: I did it – check this out.


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    5 Responses to My Moves – Some 2011 Footage

    1. Eddy says:

      Hey, I just found this site and it’s very interesting! I bookmarked it for later visits.. I was wondering if you could start on tutorials? That would be a great addition to this site!

      • Tony Ingram says:

        Thanks Eddy! Yeah I’ve thought of that. But there are definitely better Bboys to learn from out there than me. I feel like my best contribution to the bboy community is the injury and exercise science stuff. But I do have a few things I’d like to make tutorials for.

        • Eddy says:

          Windmills would be a great start since they’re one of the basic power moves, but I think with your positive approach, you could meltdown the complex descriptions and give a straight-forward, yet informative tutorial- as well as for other moves.

          • Tony Ingram says:

            Thanks Eddy, I really appreciate that. Those are the things I strive for in my writing – clear and concise, while trying not to over-simplify to the point of being inaccurate. I will probably make some video tutorials for the basics, but I’ll think about them hard first so my delivery style remains the same on video as in my writing. Thanks for the encouragement! You’ve motivated me!

            • Eddy says:

              No problem man. I’m glad I’ve given you that push. I’ll be keeping up to the site. It’s really great!

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