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Secrets Of The Mind – PBS NOVA Documentary

I remember seeing this during my undergraduate degree in neuroscience. I was absolutely blown away at the time, and it has had a powerful influence on my thinking ever since. It originally broadcast in 2001 – which is a long time in the world of neuroscience – but it’s still relevant today.

“Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran, an eloquent neuroscientist, is fascinated by patients who have unusual abilities or defects in the way they perceive the world. These include such puzzling phenomena as the phantom pain experienced in a missing, amputated limb, or the inability to recognize a familiar face following a stroke. From these strange cases, Ramachandran is building a novel vision of how the brain works. In “Secrets of the Mind,” NOVA dramatizes the intimate stories of Ramachandran’s encounters with his extraordinary patients.” – PBS

In other words, here’s why the brain is so awesome:


If you want to buy the DVD, you can get it here: NOVA: Secrets of the Mind

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