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What have you been up to lately Tony? Good question…

how I feel

how I feel

I’m probably the only person who notices, but I’ve been pretty absent on this blog for a while.

Maybe, just maybe, I have some followers who have actually noticed that my last post was back in early November, and for months before that my posts were quite infrequent. Let me explain… and also give you something to look forward to!

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    Nutrition and Supplement Questions? Just Examine.com It

    Nutrition and Supplement Questions? Don't ask me, ask them.

    Nutrition and Supplement Questions? Don’t ask me, ask them.

    I’m often asked about nutrition and sports supplements. It could be someone interested in the health benefits of a particular food, or a young dancer trying to find something to give them a competitive edge.

    They’re always reasonable questions and I’m very interested in this topic myself, but I’d rather not write much about it. Nutrition is not my area of expertise, I’m skeptical of trendy diets and health gurus, and I keep my recommendations pretty simple. I just think a lot of it is nonsense.

    Lucky for me, I don’t have to write about it. Instead, there’s another website that I’m not afraid to endorse on the topic (and I’m not alone). No, it’s not some next level guru – some trendy fool with clever catch-phrases, overly-simplistic answers, and questionable promises. In fact, it’s the lack thereof that’s earned my trust.Continue Reading

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      Study: Strength Training and Proprioceptive Training Prevents Injuries

      Does strength training prevent injuries?

      Does strength training prevent injuries? Hint: yes.

      Researchers in Denmark recently reviewed the current research on exercise programs for injury prevention, and crunched some numbers to see what does or doesn’t work.1 What did they find?

      Strength training reduces sports injuries by about 68%, proprioception training reduces injuries by about 45%, and stretching programs do not reduce injuries reliably. Interestingly, combined programs only reduced injuries by about 35% (all of which included strength training)Continue Reading

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        Interview with Israel Halperin – Athlete, Trainer, and Researcher

        I’m excited to share this interview with Israel Halperin – an MMA & Thai Kickboxing athlete, trainer, and researcher. He’s competed, trained, and studied internationally with many prominent figures in his field.


        Cobra Classic MMA fight, California – 2001

        Israel’s perspective is a balanced one. While remaining practical and relevant for his athletes, he keeps his biases in check through his humbling research experience. I’m proud to know him personally. In this short but informative discussion Israel shares some of his insight on training athletes.

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          Improve Movement by Training Movement – Not Specific Muscles

          runningA pervading idea in the fitness and therapy industries is that altered or “dysfunctional” movement is simply the product of specific muscle weakness (or imbalance). The solution, of course, is to find the weak muscle and strengthen it. The result: correct movement, and therefore decreased risk of injury and chronic pain.

          Is this true? Can strengthening specific muscles improve movement form or technique?

          As usual, things are a bit more complicated than that. Let’s gather insight from a few research studies, using one of the most common examples: gluteus medius strengthening for running mechanics.Continue Reading

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