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Pain Education

Why Pain Education?

Understanding how pain “works” can actually help you overcome it.

Plus, it’s just really interesting stuff.

Here are some articles about pain, the science of it, and how to deal with it.

Pain Education – Getting Started:

Two quick videos that sum up most of the important points:

  • Pain Overview: Start here. Quick 5 minute video explaining pain.
  • Why Things Hurt: Amazing TED talk by Lorimer Moseley. 15 minute video.
    – Here’s another with a little more detail. 25 minutes.
How Pain “Works” – Pain Science Made Simple

Oversimplifying Pain – Debunking Unhelpful Beliefs About Chronic Pain

Helpful things to learn:

Treatment Ideas

Note: rehabilitating an injury is actually quite different from dealing with pain. Check out the injury section to find out more about rehabilitation. Also, check out the disclaimer.

Despite it’s importance, pain is not well understood, even by health professionals! Thankfully, over the last few decades research in neuroscience has revealed a lot about the science of pain. I think neuroscience is super awesome, so I tend to keep up with this research. I hope the articles on this site are helpful to you.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!