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The Problem With Anti-Depressant Medications

I’m not usually down with sensationalist health news.

I believe ‘western medicine’ gets a bad name because of ‘big pharma’, which really isn’t fair. People who are into ‘new-age healing’, ‘holistic’, or ‘complimentary alternative medicine’, etc., are often too quick to be dismissive of ‘western medicine’. I’m sorry your doctor didn’t ‘cure’ your back pain. But you don’t just eat more anti-oxidants when you’re having a heart attack, you go to the ER… and if you have diabetes, insulin keeps you alive. The opposite of bad medicine is not no medicine, it’s good medicine. So please, no doctor hating comments below, k?

Now that I’ve played ‘devil’s advocate’ to contrast the info below… I feel better about posting this AMAZING info-graphic.

“Over-Medicated America –
How Greedy Drug Companies Have Hooked Our Nation”

Fantastic stuff!

Click to enlarge.

Overmedicated America

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    2 Responses to The Problem With Anti-Depressant Medications

    1. Dear Webmaster,

      I have visited your website, bboyscience.com and would like to suggest an additional link. “Prescription Drug Abuse: A National Epidemic.” This would be appropriate for adding an additional “Amazing Infographic” as you call it here. http://www.bboyscience.com/2012/02/13/problem-anti-depressant/

      Many of us are visual learners. My team at Recovery Connection wants to provide readers with as much information about substance abuse, the impact of substances on the body, and the process of recovery. We have developed unique infographics to help readers understand addiction.

      If you would like to take a look at our website and the resource I mentioned above, please do so and let us know what you think. It may be good to give your users another resource for infographics such as the one you used this past week.

      Following is an link that I have prepared for your use.


      • Tony Ingram says:

        Wow Michelle,

        That’s a fantastic info-graphic as well! Thank you for your comment. I’ll be checking over your site for materials to use as well. Thank you for being gracious with the information, and I really appreciate your mission. Extremely important, and growing more important every year.

        Take care, speak again soon,


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