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Rock to the Top rocked!!!

Our boy Justin wins the one on one all-styles battle!

Had an amazing weekend in Halifax!

The event: Rock to the Top, was awesome. Concrete Roots Productions killed it once again. Our crew made it to the semi-finals, and even better… one of our guys won the All-Styles Battle!!! (for those who don’t know, all-styles battles are hip-hop dance competitions in which any style of dance is allowed, the dancers are to respond to the music the best they can, using an appropriate dance style or somehow dance their own style differently)

Justin Power, a young up-and-comer from our city of St. John’s, NL, Canada, who has only been dancing about two years, absolutely killed it and brought home a trophy for us! Justin is a phenomenal dancer and does a few different styles (b-boying, house, and party dancing are his best I think). But above all, he truly connects to the music and freestyles hard. This dance ability makes everything he does look fun, entertaining, and funky as hell! It’s just the beginning for him!

P.S. He is one of the guys in the three random photos that appear at the top of this site!

Congrats to Eastern Bloc, another crew of young fellas, for winning the full crew B-Boy battle. They were beasts. That’s the competition I entered. They beat us in the semis!

Here’s some footage of the two battles I was in.

First, we battled another young crew ‘Rec n’ Crew’:

Check out the one set I rock here (my only run in the whole battle… haha).

I’m at 2:58:

We won that one. Next!

Here’s when we lost to Eastern Bloc. I remember when we first started Concrete Roots and started teaching in schools… these kids were the hungriest for sure. We pretty much knew those guys would end up being little monsters. I’m not ashamed to lose from them even though they are 10 years younger than me! In fact, being 27, I’m happy to keep up!

I do four runs in this battle, three of them part of routines.

Check it:

I’m happy with my performance overall. When I posted some practice footage from 2011 earlier this year, I said I would step up my game. Only two months in, so there’s lots more room to improve this year!

After that, Eastern Bloc beat Koala Corps in the finals, the crew I am in from Halifax (but I decided to go with my Newfoundland boys this time, since I live there now). Koala Corps used to teach them!

The students have become the Masters!

Overall amazing weekend. Mostly because I got to hang out with old friends. I can’t wait to go back there again.

I also had the chance to speak to dancers on injury prevention and having a longer dance career, something I’d like to do at more events. It was awesome, well received, and as always, people asked great questions which has given me more inspiration to write.

Also met a crew from Montreal who was there, ‘Cypher Sons’. These guys were dope, and a lot of fun to party with! Good meeting you guys!

Hope to see everyone again soon.


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