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Rudimental – “Not Giving In” [VIDEO]

This is quite possibly the best music video to feature B-Boying that I have ever seen.

If you think breaking is just a neat little dance with cool tricks… think again. It means far more to those of us who participate.

While it’s not exactly Hip-Hop music, the video does a great job depicting how youth around the world connect with Hip-Hop culture.

Historically, Hip-Hop is associated with gangster imagery. No one is denying that. But now, it’s a powerfully positive force in urban youth culture. This video demonstrates an example through B-Boying.

It’s still up to young people to make the right choices in life. But it’s also up to everyone else to encourage them to do so.

This is why the arts are important to everyone, in every setting, in every culture, everywhere! The powers that be need to recognize this. While funding art doesn’t necessarily boost the economy or strengthen the military, it adds strength and wealth to society as a whole.

This is why I will never stop dancing, no matter how old I get, and no matter how many injuries I suffer. I love it, of course. But I often feel I am not only dancing for myself, but for my whole community.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too preachy here. Clearly, I am very passionate about this, and it’s why my crew and I launch school programs to teach breaking to kids. We’ve been successful so far, and are about to launch a new one, which I’ll talk more about soon. For now, enjoy the weekend, and enjoy some local art.


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    7 Responses to Rudimental – “Not Giving In” [VIDEO]

    1. Patrick says:

      It felt a little to “Work hard and be successful” to me, but I enjoyed it. This video I watched early this week has been much more signifying to me. It’s about bodybuilding, but the way Kai talks it really frames how life works in general when you want to aim high :


      Btw, it picked up an interesting question, if I eat every two hours will my muscle heal faster or is that just for micro-rips done from lifting heavy weights?


      • Tony Ingram says:

        Hah, I found it more to be a story of “make smarter choices, stay out of trouble”, but I can see your point.

        I’ll check out that video when I get a chance.

        And that question, I don’t know, the idea sounds a little too “bro-science” to me. Who knows, there might be a study on it.

    2. I see it in a different way. I think its about the pursuit of meaning, belonging and friendship. And the video tells a story about a boy who finds that B-Boying.

    3. Tony Ingram says:

      Here’s bboy Mouses own thoughts on it – http://youtu.be/4SS26R4Nhlw – the video is based on his own life story, and he as heavily involved in making it.

    4. Liz Reed says:

      I agree with Jesus Perez…a life with meaning, relationships, and pursuing dreams…all while growing personally. Sometimes, it may require more self discipline, making good choices or “hard work”, but…so? That is always a good time to show yourself what you’re made of… and then rejoice in the achievement! I loved it… another great example of the consequences of our choices. Whether it be dancing, sports, other arts, or just sharing yourself in service to others, you never fail when you believe in what you’re doing.

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