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Science – that s**t works! Bionic eyes, hands, and more…


yes it can, t-rex!

While this website is primarily about movement and the science thereof, I’ve decided to start doing my part in popularizing science in general.

For instance, when a few good news stories pop up about science, I’ll report them in a new series of articles I’ve entitled: Science – that s**t works!

In this instalment:

Have you lost an arm in a sword fight? No worries, scientists have developed the first bionic hand that can feel!

Lost your eye? We still got you covered! The FDA just approved the first bionic eye that can see!

In other news, researchers are beginning to help spinal cord injured rats walk again. Exciting work is being done in humans as well, helping a paralyzed man stand and walk. Beautiful.

Want something to look forward to?

The Obama administration appears to be funding a massive “brain mapping” project. It may have huge ramifications on the future of science, which is very exciting. However, it’s not without its criticisms.

Awesome stuff!

What do you think? Got any big news I missed? There’s always a lot, so I just picked out what stood out to me. What stood out to you lately?


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