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Understanding Science – Why it’s important, interesting, and awesome!

Here you’ll find various articles about science, why it’s important, why it’s awesome, and how to understand it better.

If you’re looking for articles on the science of dancing, check out the dance section – that’s where I keep them.


  • Why Science?
  • Science: That s**t works!
  • Science is awesome.
  • Lab Fun.
  • Understanding research.
  • Healthcare articles.

Why Science?

Why is science so important in healthcare?

Science – That s**t works!

These posts contain a collection of links to news articles, studies, and more demonstrating the great news and success from the world of science.

  • Science (Feb 2013) – Bionic hands that can feel, bionic eyes that can see, paralyzed rats walking, and the United States has decided to fund a massive brain mapping project.


Science is awesome

Miscellaneous articles and blog posts on the wonders of science. Not just for nerds.

Lab Fun

Here are some posts that are basically about me having some fun in laboratories. Probably more fun for me than anyone else.

Understanding research

Perhaps a boring section… but interesting to some! Thus, it exists.

‘Other’ healthcare articles

Again, perhaps a boring section to some, but many of the visitors of this site are health professionals, therapists, and trainers who stumble upon articles like these:

Thanks for reading!

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