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So a couple weeks ago I went to Halifax, NS (I’m from St. John’s, NL) for a battle.

SIS4 was SICK… Cant find much good footage, but here’s a good facebook video (in order to watch you may have to add Jeff Lin as a friend, sorry Jeff): http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1827142878865&comments

The Bboy Battle judges were YNOT, 4EvaFresh, and Glizzi

Congrats to Rude Boi Posse from Toronto for taking it!  Fil Fury and Piecez are a CRAZY SQUAD!

I went in with my boy Tony “Fat Snacks” Lengsavath, one of the freshest kids on this rock I call home.  He’s new to battling, but still did quite well.  Again, I can’t find much good footage on youtube, but here is one of our battles in the pre-lims:

In a battle later we ended up forgetting a few commandos and therefore lost out on doing a couple runs… I felt hella sloppy, burned out.  That’s what happens when you start working for ‘the man’!  Not making excuses though, I’m just gonna go harder next time!  Speaking of burn out, that, and what I am doing about it, is the topic of my next post.

Concrete Roots Productions, threw this event.  Great job again guys.  Proud to be involved with you.


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