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Sitting kills you.

Here is an awesome info-graphic from MedicalBillingandCoding.org about sitting.

Sitting is Killing You
Via: MedicalBillingandCoding.org


Bottom line:  Get up and move around.  Take breaks.  Go pee, or the opposite, get a drink!  Put your printer far away so you have to get up for it.  Make a workstation like this:  http://www.boingboing.net/2011/05/17/standing-desk-jockey.html  and get a high bar stool for when you need to sit once in a while.  DON’T get a comfortable chair.  Go outside.  Walk to work.  Stop playing so many videogames.

You’ll live.

UPDATE: maybe don’t make a workstation like I posted above. Here’s a good article showing how its -movement- that is important, and standing all day isn’t much better.


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    4 Responses to Sitting kills you.

    1. DBlais says:

      Whaaatt!! Great post Tony!
      I just got back from practice and my back has been kiiiillling me… sitting down definitely does not help, so I’ve been thinking about investing in one of those ‘proper posture kneeling chairs’. Any thoughts on that?

      Also, you know how your neck, wrists, ankles or shoulders can grind when rotated? Well, my back now does that… has for the past couple months.. I’ve looked it up and the only thing I find is people on Yahoo Answers describing the same symptoms and asking what it is with no answers. Only thing I can add is that I had scoliosis when I was born, but got it cracked out by a chiropractor, so it probably has something to do with it.

      Anyway, let me know if you have any advice, and once again good post!!

    2. This is amazing! I had no idea how and why sitting was so bad. I can’t thank you enough for posting this.

    3. Toby Richard says:

      Yo! Tonz, nice post. The issue of sitting for long peroids of time has been researched amungst designs for a while. Check out Hermin Millers chairs and desks. They are designed for the 95th percentile. Although stretching and walking is much better, when set up right they do a great job. http://www.hermanmiller.com/MarketFacingTech/hmc/solution_essays/assets/se_The_Anthropometrics_of_Fit.pdf

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