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Tag Archives: exercise

Interview with Israel Halperin – Athlete, Trainer, and Researcher

I’m excited to share this interview with Israel Halperin – an MMA & Thai Kickboxing athlete, trainer, and researcher. He’s competed, trained, and studied internationally with many prominent figures in his field.


Cobra Classic MMA fight, California – 2001

Israel’s perspective is a balanced one. While remaining practical and relevant for his athletes, he keeps his biases in check through his humbling research experience. I’m proud to know him personally. In this short but informative discussion Israel shares some of his insight on training athletes.

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Does exercise order matter? Reviewing the research

what should you do first? last?

what should you do first? last?

People tend to focus on a lot of silly details when it comes to designing exercise programs. Many of them don’t matter.

But some do!

One of the details that may actually matter is exercise order. A review article recently published in the journal Sports Medicine summarized the current research on this topic. 1 Most of the findings are intuitive, lining up well with conventional gym-wisdom. However, there were a few findings that go against popular belief.

Let’s quickly summarize:

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Mental Imagery: Imagine yourself being awesome – it works!

awesome photos by Bold Creative - terrible photoshop by me

With my injury last week, and a competition coming up this weekend, I’m being forced to get creative. It’s a good thing. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right?

To improve (or at least maintain) my skills without aggravating my injury, I’ve decided to give “mental imagery” a try.

Basically, mental imagery (a.k.a “motor imagery”) is when you imagine yourself doing something (a specific sports skill – like kicking a soccer ball), to improve the skill in the real world.

It’s like practicing in your head.

Most athletes do this to some degree, usually right before a real attempt at a skill. When I’m bored, I often daydream about doing incredible moves (some are probably impossible). But practicing mental imagery on purpose – actually taking time to sit and imagine every detail – is something I’ve never really tried.

Skeptical of its true power, I did a little research. What I found was very interesting…

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B-Boy Q&A: Does cold air affect breathing during exercise?

is it okay to exercise in cold weather?

Received another great question from a bboy, and it goes as follows [paraphrased]:

In the winter when the air is dry and cold, battling feels like running a marathon in frozen air! How does the cold affect breathing when we exercise?

Good question… is this something to actually worry about, or just an inconvenience that we have to put up with?

Coincidentally, I actually read about this recently. The answer is – it depends!

Here’s what the research has to say: Continue Reading

Horizon – The Truth About Exercise (BBC, 2012)

An interesting documentary has been circulating around the internet lately. It’s called “The Truth About Exercise”, and it busts some fitness myths with new exercise science.

Personally, I really liked it. I’m a fan of high intensity exercise, and I mentioned it briefly in the article ‘Conditioning Exercise 101‘.

Of course, where there’s extraordinary claims, there’s debate – but this is really new stuff in the exercise science world, so don’t expect things to be settled too soon.

Still, this information is pretty accurate and informative, and I highly recommend it. Here it is on YouTube, free to watch. Enjoy!

Here’s what I was thinking while watching:

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