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Tag Archives: health

Horizon – The Truth About Exercise (BBC, 2012)

An interesting documentary has been circulating around the internet lately. It’s called “The Truth About Exercise”, and it busts some fitness myths with new exercise science.

Personally, I really liked it. I’m a fan of high intensity exercise, and I mentioned it briefly in the article ‘Conditioning Exercise 101‘.

Of course, where there’s extraordinary claims, there’s debate – but this is really new stuff in the exercise science world, so don’t expect things to be settled too soon.

Still, this information is pretty accurate and informative, and I highly recommend it. Here it is on YouTube, free to watch. Enjoy!

Here’s what I was thinking while watching:

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Disease vs. Illness

Although the distinction between these two terms has been discussed on this site before, the importance of this concept justifies a fully dedicated article. Some may claim this is “just” a discussion of semantics – but it’s not.

It’s about clarity.

Understanding this particular distinction can help you make sense of many confusing things about being sick or hurt.

For example: why is healing and recovery different? Why can things hurt when there seems to be no real damage? Why don’t doctors believe in [insert fringe therapy here], yet it seemed to make you or someone you know better?

These are very good (and important) questions.

Besides helping to answer such questions, the distinction between disease and illness is one of those fundamental ideas that can help tremendously in understanding what actually works in health care (and just as importantly – what doesn’t). Knowing what doesn’t work could save your life… or at least save you money!

So let’s take a minute to understand this basic idea, and why it’s so important.

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The Problem With Anti-Depressant Medications

I’m not usually down with sensationalist health news.

I believe ‘western medicine’ gets a bad name because of ‘big pharma’, which really isn’t fair. People who are into ‘new-age healing’, ‘holistic’, or ‘complimentary alternative medicine’, etc., are often too quick to be dismissive of ‘western medicine’. I’m sorry your doctor didn’t ‘cure’ your back pain. But you don’t just eat more anti-oxidants when you’re having a heart attack, you go to the ER… and if you have diabetes, insulin keeps you alive. The opposite of bad medicine is not no medicine, it’s good medicine. So please, no doctor hating comments below, k?

Now that I’ve played ‘devil’s advocate’ to contrast the info below… I feel better about posting this AMAZING info-graphic.

“Over-Medicated America –
How Greedy Drug Companies Have Hooked Our Nation”

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Why Strength Training is Important

You used to strength train... why did you stop?

Everyone recognizes the importance of an all inclusive, overall balanced (buzzword of the day: holistic) approach to health and fitness.

Some kind of conditioning exercise (‘cardio’, endurance) is essential. Eating healthy is a must. Getting enough rest and quality sleep is key. The importance of mental health is becoming widely accepted. People even over-emphasize stretching!

But strength training? People still assume it’s only for big muscles.

They don’t want to get ‘too bulky’ (especially women). It might throw off their athletic skills. It’s not good for your heart. ALL MYTHS!

In this article, we will 1. deconstruct the common myths that keep people from doing it, 2. review why it’s actually tremendously important for overall health, and 3. explain how it’s not that hard to include in your overall program. Hint: you don’t need a gym membership.

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How to eat healthy – 10 tips

Updated: March 6th, 2013

Confused about this? So is everyone else. Even the “experts”.

There are countless opinions, methods, books, and bulls**t out there about how to eat healthy.

Let me try to make it simple for you. Here is my best attempt to summarize how to eat healthy in 10 simple tips.

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