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Tag Archives: myths

Why Strength Training is Important

You used to strength train... why did you stop?

Everyone recognizes the importance of an all inclusive, overall balanced (buzzword of the day: holistic) approach to health and fitness.

Some kind of conditioning exercise (‘cardio’, endurance) is essential. Eating healthy is a must. Getting enough rest and quality sleep is key. The importance of mental health is becoming widely accepted. People even over-emphasize stretching!

But strength training? People still assume it’s only for big muscles.

They don’t want to get ‘too bulky’ (especially women). It might throw off their athletic skills. It’s not good for your heart. ALL MYTHS!

In this article, we will 1. deconstruct the common myths that keep people from doing it, 2. review why it’s actually tremendously important for overall health, and 3. explain how it’s not that hard to include in your overall program. Hint: you don’t need a gym membership.

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