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Tag Archives: pain

How Pain Works, Part III – Nociception

Larger version below!

Larger version below!

The science of pain is actually very interesting, and involves everything from chemistry to cultural studies and everything in between. It can get complicated, but we’ll keep things simple and understandable while remaining as accurate as possible. Here we will start with some of the basic science of how potential pain is detected and transmitted through the body.

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Ankle sprains… caught in the act!

and roll your ankle…. NOW

Learning how injuries happen can help us prevent and treat them. Unfortunately, you can’t just do a study asking people to hurt themselves on purpose… those pesky ethical committees would never approve of your brilliant study.

Then how are we supposed to collect such data? Accidentally of course!

Researchers in Germany were doing a study with soccer players performing a run and cut maneuver while being recorded with 3D motion capture and EMG (electromyography – which measures muscle activity).1

During one of the run and cut trials, one of the soccer players actually rolled their ankle by accident! It happened while all the recording equipment was running! Serendipity defined.

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How Pain Works, Part II – Acute vs. Chronic

As you learn more about how pain works, you’ll notice a distinction is made between ‘acute’ and ‘chronic’ pain.

What does this mean? Is it just a matter of time?

Or is there something different happening when pain persists?

It turns out to be a bit more complicated than once thought… let’s discuss!Continue Reading

How Pain Works, Part I – What Is It?

This is the first installment of a series of articles discussing how pain works, and what we can do about it. It’s important, long overdue, and I’m excited to finally write about it!

However, before we dive into the surprisingly interesting and not-so-scary science of pain, there’s a couple of important questions we should ask first:

What is pain? What is it for?

Understanding what pain is should put things into better perspective as we learn more about it. Let’s discuss!Continue Reading

Lorimer Moseley – The Role of the Brain in Chronic Pain

Lorimer Moseley absolutely nails it (again) with this presentation on how the brain processes pain. He explains how the brain can change with chronic pain, and offers solutions that integrate the most recent research. Groovy stuff.

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