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Tag Archives: strength training

Study: Strength Training and Proprioceptive Training Prevents Injuries

Does strength training prevent injuries?

Does strength training prevent injuries? Hint: yes.

Researchers in Denmark recently reviewed the current research on exercise programs for injury prevention, and crunched some numbers to see what does or doesn’t work.1 What did they find?

Strength training reduces sports injuries by about 68%, proprioception training reduces injuries by about 45%, and stretching programs do not reduce injuries reliably. Interestingly, combined programs only reduced injuries by about 35% (all of which included strength training)Continue Reading

Does exercise order matter? Reviewing the research

what should you do first? last?

what should you do first? last?

People tend to focus on a lot of silly details when it comes to designing exercise programs. Many of them don’t matter.

But some do!

One of the details that may actually matter is exercise order. A review article recently published in the journal Sports Medicine summarized the current research on this topic. 1 Most of the findings are intuitive, lining up well with conventional gym-wisdom. However, there were a few findings that go against popular belief.

Let’s quickly summarize:

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B-Boy Q&A: Should I practice with ankle weights?

Would my flares be better if I practiced with ankle weights on? hmm...

Last updated: Aug 27, 2012

Should we add weights to our ankles when we practice?

It makes sense at first: wear the ankle weights while practicing strengthen the right muscles, then you’ll do it with more speed and power when you take the weights off, making the move easier.

Seems pretty straight-forward. But does it really work that way?

Let’s check out some science!

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Horizon – The Truth About Exercise (BBC, 2012)

An interesting documentary has been circulating around the internet lately. It’s called “The Truth About Exercise”, and it busts some fitness myths with new exercise science.

Personally, I really liked it. I’m a fan of high intensity exercise, and I mentioned it briefly in the article ‘Conditioning Exercise 101‘.

Of course, where there’s extraordinary claims, there’s debate – but this is really new stuff in the exercise science world, so don’t expect things to be settled too soon.

Still, this information is pretty accurate and informative, and I highly recommend it. Here it is on YouTube, free to watch. Enjoy!

Here’s what I was thinking while watching:

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Stretching improves strength. So?


People are getting a little too excited about a surprising new study that suggests stretching can improve strength.

Furthermore, it does so in both sides (more on the stretched side, though).

Since I know people (especially stretching enthusiasts) are probably going to take the results of this one study and run with them, I am going to write this quick article to throw a stick in their bicycle spokes.

Hopefully this gets around before it’s too late.

The results are not that surprising – and still don’t really support the use of stretching for anything other than specific flexibility goals.

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