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TED: Schools kill creativity.

I enjoy the occasional TED talk.  If you don’t watch TED, check out their site.  Basically its 10-20 minute videos of people, often the top in their field, talking about great ideas.

If you only ever watch one, watch the one everyone else was watched so far, probably multiple times: Ken Robinson talking about how schools kill creativity.

Here’s a link if the above do not work.

Then watch this video, essentially the same thing, but its an RSA animate.  The animations make it easier to watch and follow, and it’s also shorter.  Buddha from Blueprintforlife posted this on Facebook today, reminding me of the topic.

Again, a link just in case.

Hope you all see how this relates to dance, and any art, or activity period.  This is why, until the education system is vastly overhauled, we need more arts and social program support.

EDIT: 5:15pm Jul 16, 2011…
And finally, something Buddha JUST sent me, within an hour of me making this post:

Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education from sam seidel on Vimeo.

My favorite line: “Hip-Hop’s premium on FRESHNESS”… haha! so true. The world is changing, gotta stay fresh!

I believe if everyone in our communities watched these three videos in a row, so many would be illuminated. Instead of chastising our youth for creating things we do not understand, we must learn to accept, even appreciate. Then, facilitate their paths, rather than forcing them to walk behind us.


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