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TEDxOttawa Social Work Through Hip-Hop

also check out themanifesto.ca

Social work and hip hop? Yes. Buddha is described on themanifesto.ca as follows:

Social worker, 25+ year hip hop veteran, and founder of Canada’s oldest bboy crew, The Canadian Floor Masters – Buddha’s organization, BluePrintForLife, works wih youth-at-risk, aboriginal youth, and other groups – employing hip hop and dance as powerful tools for life-skills and community building.

Check out this video of Buddha himself on TED!

Inspiring stuff. Most people don’t realize how ubiquitous the values of hip hop are with today’s youth. It’s for this reason that the dance company I co-founded in Halifax was so successful as well. It’s time for institutions, especially social programs and health care, to utilize this powerful culture to engage our youth.

I hope Buddha keeps pushing this initiative to larger audiences like this. The project should get the support it deserves.


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