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the Author


Tony Ingram is a physical therapist and dancer, currently living in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. He loves science, because it’s awesome.

Specifically, he’s super interested in the science of human movement, and how it relates to our physical, mental, social, and cultural well-being.That interest started with dancing and led to a career in physical therapy.

He started this website to help educate dancers (and anyone, really) on health, fitness, and therapy. Occasionally, he also rants on about science in general. He’s still dancing – see video below.

Bio in point form:

  • Registered Physical Therapist currently working full-time.
  • Education:
    - M.Sc. Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology). Memorial University of Newfoundland [in progress].
    - M.Sc. Physiotherapy. Dalhousie University [completed 2009].
    - B.Sc. Behavioural Neuroscience. Memorial University of Newfoundland [completed 2006].
  • Dance:
    bboyscience.com - primary author [est. 2011].
    - Director at Street Movement Dance Company [est. 2012].
    - Director at Concrete Roots Productions [est. 2008].
    - Member of bboy crews: Koala Corp [joined 2007]East Rock Crew [est. 2004].

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