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Walking is Awesome

An idea I really want to push on this site over time is that of ‘minimalist exercise’. This great video gives a good reason why.

Walking… perhaps the best exercise, best preventative medicine, and best thing you can do for your health.

As it points out, more activity is better, yes. But, there are diminishing returns. So, instead of making people feel bad that they are not active ‘enough’, further discouraging them from doing any activity at all, we should be pushing this message. The message that it don’t really take that much time or effort to gain substantial health benefits.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about increasing your fitness as much as safely possible. I love to move. But some people don’t. And some people don’t have time. But let them know about all the amazing benefits of walking just 30 minutes a day, and they might take a little time to do it.

Think of all the people in your life that you love and care for, but who unfortunately are inactive and have no interest in being active. They might even perceive ‘health nuts’ as elitist jerks, and in many cases they are right. These people are the ones you should be sharing this idea with.

The more people see this video the better.

And who knows, after doing just a little bit of daily walking, maybe they will even come to enjoy it.


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