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What to do while you are injured

Everyone seems to lose their mind when they get injured.

“I can’t use my wrist!? What am I supposed to do? I can’t just stop, I have to work!”

But sometimes, you just have to rest. Otherwise that injury will not heal. You’ll do this anyway if the injury you have hurts too much. And in many cases, whether it hurts or not, the best treatment is giving it a week to rest. This is especially true for new (acute) injuries.

However, resting an injury doesn’t have to mean giving up all physical activity. You didn’t injure your entire body, did you? You just have to be creative! (and careful)

Let’s discuss, and use an example from the world of dancing provided.

First, lets talk philosophy.

1. Its not the end of the world. Relax, stress can make things hurt more, increasing your sensitivity to pain. Frustration may lead to bad decisions, possibly making it worse. Take some time and rest.

2. If you need it. get some help. Got an important gig/game, or have to go back to work because you don’t have insurance benefits? Go to a doctor, a physiotherapist, etc. who may be able to help you with treatment, bracing or taping, and a realistic plan for recovery.

3. Stop focusing on what you can’t do, and start thinking about what you can do. This might sound like silly positive thinking stuff, but it’s a much better attitude to take than getting upset and/or doing something stupid.

Let’s discuss point 3 in more detail:

Let’s take dancing for example. If you we’re a b-boy or b-girl for example…
(for those who don’t know, see: what’s a bboy?)

If you hurt your wrist, then dance on your feet. Don’t put that hand on the ground. If you are a bboy/bgirl, just imagine the possibilities. One handed footwork! Backrocks! One handed get downs! and all the toprock you can imagine. Work on your poses, work on your style!

Do some writing. Most successful bboys write down their moves/combos/sets, so they don’t leave anything out at practice. Write a plan, and think about how you are going to ease yourself back into using that wrist.

Try other styles? How about popping? Rocking? Locking? Ballroom? Latin? Salsa?

If you hurt your ankle, you can still do freezes (be careful), or backspins… who doesn’t need to work on their backspin speed? Got it both ways? Sit, on a chair, in front of a mirror, and learn to pop.

Breaking a foot won’t even stop you; check out this young man who I practice with.

When this video was taken, he had just broke his foot learning flips in the grass:

See the boot on his leg? See him practicing ‘crickets’? Right.

In Summary:

– Keep a positive attitude regarding your injury.

– Consider it an opportunity to work on something else you may have been neglecting.

– Resting does not mean you have to stop exercising.

– But don’t do anything stupid!

Good luck!

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