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What’s a b-boy?

This site isn’t just for dancers. Anyone interested in health, fitness, injuries, and science can find themselves here – and some of them don’t know what a ‘b-boy’ is!

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, here’s a brief explanation:
(and bboys: forgive me for over-simplifying!)

First, here’s a video of me b-boying: ‘Practice’ by Bold Creative.

A b-boy or b-girl is a dancer of the genre ‘b-boying’ or ‘breaking’ – a form of street dancing that began in New York City in the 70’s.

Also known as “break-dancing” in the media, ‘b-boying’ and ‘breaking’ are considered the original terms, and the majority of it’s pioneers and practitioners prefer ‘b-boying’. Some notable dancers even consider “breakdancing” to be a separate dance altogether: a watered down version – emphasizing the more dynamic movements while neglecting the true essence of the dance: expressing oneself with style, foundation, and creativity while connecting with the music and the community.

The ‘b’ in ‘b-boying’ stands for ‘break’ – which refers to the ‘break’ in a record (a high-energy, very danceable part of the music). This is apparently how hip-hop music began: the DJ (most notably DJ Kool Herc) would loop the ‘break’ for the dancers using two turntables. It should be noted that the etymology of the word is sometimes debated.

So there it is, that’s my best, shortest, most simplified definition of a ‘b-boy’ and ‘b-boying’.

If you want to see some of it in action, I’d suggest the channel strife.tv on youtube!

Note to the b-boys: Yes, I know it’s much deeper than that. But this article was only written as a quick definition for people who don’t know what the b-boy stands for in bboyscience. So like I said, forgive me!


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