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What’s new in 2011

Hello all, if anyone is actually reading this!

Writing first to apologize.  I have been neglecting this blog!  Why, of course, the same old garbage you hear from anyone.  I’ve been busy.  But I’m serious!  Check it:

2011 looking to be a big year for me

First of all, I actually have been working on this.  I just haven’t been posting anything.  There are a lot of drafts typed up and ideas written on paper.  Lots of reading and learning.  In fact, a good friend of mine – Becki Peckham of Bold Creative – has been helping me with photoshop and a variety of other CS5 programs to give me the tools to make this site actually look decent!  So, slowly but surely, I should be able to pump out good content.

Secondly, I have been busy with actually dancing.  Set it straight 4 in Halifax is next week!!!  Presented by Concrete Roots, a company I am closely associated with.  Although time is scarce lately I am making a few hours a week to train.  This is the battle I look forward to most each year.

For the last couple months I have been working closely with Dave Gardiner so our crew (East Rock Crew) can bring together a school B-Boy program.  This program will be similar to Concrete Roots ‘Class is in’, a great program I was involved with during its first year.  Since I moved from Halifax, NS to St. John’s, NL, I have been looking forward to doing this here.  This is something very important to me; youth outreach through dance.  I’ll talk about this as it develops.

Also, following my interest in science and research, I have started another Masters Degree.  This time it’s a thesis based Kinesiology Degree majoring in Exercise Physiology.  I have been interested in this for a long time but didn’t really act on it until last November.  I contacted a Professor at MUN to talk about it and decided to start this part-time.  I rushed through an application, and I had my first class last week.

I took it easy over the Holidays and enjoyed some time off with family.  No blogging over X-mas.  Speaking of family, my wife and I are going to be house hunting over the next few months.  :D

And finally, I still work full-time as a Physiotherapist with ProActive Physiotherapy.

So, expect some sloooooow progress on this blog.

Updates to this site

I am revamping everything.  I hate the name ‘Break for Life’, and its too similar to Ken Swifts ‘Break Life’.

I also do not like that it says blahblah.wordpress.com, so I am gonna get my own domain name.

The posts on stretching have to be updated, because I am talking about a certain kind of stretching (static) and I am indeed demonizing it.  But there are good ways to stretch, and I also have to write about that soon.

All in due time.

Now, as long as I love talking about myself, I have to stop here.  Hit me up with questions, it inspires me to work at this!  Peace!!!

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    2 Responses to What’s new in 2011

    1. Cleda DeFreitas says:

      Hey, Im a bgirl who is interested in going to PT school, which is how I found this blog.

      Anyways I think it would be interesting if you did an article on reversing moves (like working on mills in both directions or something) because I have a theory that this would reduce a lot of overuse injuries over time.

      • Tony Ingram says:

        Hey Cleda!
        Thanks for posting, glad you found this blog before I even really did any serious spreading on major sites like bboyworld, bboyspot etc. The internet is awesome.
        I am definitely planning on writing an article about that. You are totally right, going both ways can help prevent major muscle imbalances (cuz little ones are normal, just wanna throw that out there), and reduce wear and tear one way. Even if people have a ‘good way’ they definitely should consider practicing the other way too. Plus, switching directions is just plain dope!

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